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The Dior Men’s latest Fall-Winter 2023 collection by Kim Jones celebrates Christian Dior’s brief stint at Yves Saint Laurent showcasing the continuous cycle of fashion with innovations and styles throughout time, and the journey between the fashion house’s historical creative directors to present-day Dior Menswear.

Amidst the star-studded guest list, VMAN traveled with singer-songwriter and model, HUDDY. Dripping in the debut collection, with some glam touches of Dior Beauty to edge up the look, the musician gives us an inside scoop on how he prepped for one of the most prominent men’s fashion shows of the year.

Chase Hudson is a popular figure on social media, boasting over 32 million followers on TikTok.

While he might be known for his online presence, Hudson is also a budding music artist, releasing his first album ‘Teenage Heartbreak’ back in 2021.

As an avid online entertainer, Hudson is no stranger to diversifying his content, and even started a Patreon on top of his ongoing projects. On his Patreon, he offered certain rewards to his subscribers, with one of these awards being “live hangouts” with fans for $8 a month.

According to viewers, Hudson had begun a live stream as part of his Patreon rewards back in December 2022, but technical difficulties prevented the broadcast from moving forward. Although he’d promised to do another stream for his subscribers, Hudson is instead leaving Patreon — and fans are upset.

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